Karina Jaramillo

Karina Jaramillo

I’m a Southern California native currently living and working in the Inland Empire. I spend the majority of my free time indoor rock climbing, painting, and walking my dog Choco.

As a graphic designer I specialize in branding and identity, photo compositing, photo editing and manipulation, print design, and digital design while continually focusing on user experience and industry standards and best practices. I'm also experienced in HTML and CSS front end design.

I found my way to Graphic Design through a love of Art and the practice of perfecting craft; as a skilled traditional artist I’ve enjoyed applying what I’ve learned to more contemporary mediums.

In my work as a painter, I've dedicated much time and practice to the study of light and shape and have applied those studies to the representation of the human form, and otherwise animate and inanimate subjects, which i've used to convey feelings from a moment of time or to imply narratives that represent an experience or struggle. The majority of my works can be classified as self portraiture, although all are not necessarily depictions of my physical form, all are autobiographical in nature and are typically visual renderings of the internal processes of self scrutiny and reflection. My work is usually simple but incredibly personal.

As an outdoors lover who spends many hours standing in front of an easel or sitting in front of a computer, I believe strongly in environmental conservation and a healthy lifestyle, I value greatly the harmony that can exist between the environment and commerce and life's work; I believe in happy people and a happy planet! 

Personally, I believe we live to inspire and be inspired, and that motivates all that I aspire to in life. My ultimate goal is to work with a team that is passionate about inspiring others, personal and professional growth, the environment, and working responsibly towards making the world a better place; a team that can convey and inspire those values through design. I strive for passion and purpose.

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